Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swiming Lessons

Swimming Lessons is always so much fun for the kids. This year was no exception! Alex perfected her dive, and her swimming technique. I know I don't have to worry about her in the pool, cause she is a GREAT swimmer!

William is always a little more cautious but he finally went all in! He was so happy to be able to float on his back all by himself. The diving board is always fun to jump off even if a little scary.

Reagan has no fear. She jumps, dunks, and swims with no hesitation. The hardest part for her this year was waiting her turn...

Monday, July 11, 2011

No More Training Wheels....

Who is that first ride harder on? Mom or Son? My heart was in my throat with each little wobble and wrong turn but in just a few minutes with Dad, he made it all the way around the block!!

That first ride takes a lot of courage from both sides.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Love the time we spend in Washington with the family! Always a good time...

This year was a little off, cause we had to come home early so we didnt get a big firework show. But we had enough fun to make up for the loss.

Alex decided she wanted to stay a bit longer, so we left her to Lesli's care for 10 days until we meet up in MossyRock Wa for the week long camping trip..More to come on that!

Friday, July 1, 2011

First Digital Scrap page!

Note: The Disney trip is posted by the day,so if ya want to read them in order scroll down to Day One "Surprise" or ya can read it as is and backward! ;)
Enjoy! We sure DID!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 5

Well its time to pack it up and head back to Idaho where it is sunny and warm, with lots of responsibilities and chores... We got up and packed up our stuff trying to fit all the Sand incrusted, sea water smelling clothes back into our little travel packs. (eeew!) Once all that was done anad the liquids were stowed safely into thier little baggies we were off to find something to do for the day. Our flight wasnt until 6:00 in the evening so we had all day to play. We found the science center and much to our amazment it was FREE addmission! (cant complain right?) Well the first part was kind of ghetto, the stations were under repair and wornout so we were thinking we got we paid for. Then we wondered around a bit more and found the Kelp forest....

It was amazing! I always wanted to go into one of these arch ways! The fish were fun to watch.

Then we found the Yucky Rot Room... the floor was all squishy and there was bugs and rotting animals, it was pretty gross, but the kids loved it!

There was the a room with giant ice block and fun things to explore,there was a Water table that Bob and Will played in for quite awhile...

I wish we had found this part of the building first to spend more time, but we had to leave to get to the airport. This was a bit rough for me and the kids, cause we were all runnning low on sleep, energy, and patentice. This is not a good combination to have with a 2 hour flight delay and very sleepy, tired kids. We made it home about 12:30 am and went straight to bed! Easiest bed time I ever had with the kids, and they even slept in! So here is the key to getting my kids to bed without a fight and get them to sleep in as well! Just 3 days of disneland, a day at the beach and the pool, and a flight delay in Salt lake City... Geeze if i knew it was that easy we would do it more often! *wink*

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 4 Saturday

We checked out of our nice hotel room at the Double Tree and drove about 45 min to check into our AMAZING hotel, The Hyatt. We were right across the street from the beach!

We were given a double suite so the kids had thier room and we had ours! Right outside our patio was the spa pools and a beautiful view! We just walked across the street to Huntington beach. We spent a few hours playing in the surf and picking shells up..

The weather on the beach was a little chilly so we headed back to the hotel to play on the 3 water slides and wading pools.

The kids had so much fun!

For dinner we headed back to the beach for more fun, They had a firepit to roast dogs on, and s'mores, the kids played in the sand and had a blast. The adults got some chit chating in and enjoyed watching the kids play.

We headed back to the hotel (all the way across the street) to shower off the sand and salt to put the kids to bed so Bob and I could step out onto the patio and into one of the 3 hot tubs outside our room!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 3 Friday

Bob got up early to go "Buisness Golfing" this is where I am told they discuss all the buisness stuff while getting some excercise...
Its a tuff job! More pics to come...

My crazy kids have been dying to go swim in the hotel pool. But with all the travel and Disney going on we have yet to get there...until this morning. We have pretty much explored most of Disneyland and California Adventure, but there are tons left to see! But since I am a bit nervouse to take 3 kids into Disneyland all bymyself I give in. they were up at 6:30am with swimsuits on and towels ready. I warned them it was still too cold but they wouldnt give in so here we go...
It was a bit chilly, but they loved it, Ragan wasnt as thrilled with the big pool but was having a blast in the hot tub.

After a nice swim we dried off and got ready for our final day at the park. When I found out Bob wasnt going to be back for awhile, I just couldnt waist the day. I decided to put my mommy skills to the test and take 3 kids into Disneyland ALL BY MY SELF. ( Yeah there is a little bragging going on right now... I am quite proud of myself!) the whole time we had yet to meet any characters or even see Lightning Mcqueen so that was my goal. On the shuttle ride over I was told that I HAD to get my Fastpasss early (like NOW) if I wanted to see the World of color show tonight, so California Adventure first stop. We grab our FastPass and then off to track down Mcqueen. When we find him, we were a little early so the doors were just cracked and you could see McQueen's eyes peeking out, and William was so excited. We went off to a Bugs Land to burn some time before the Big Meet and Greet...

We enjoyed Bumper bugs, and the spinning Ladybugs, even a ride with flicks flying machine. Finally we head back to see McQueen and much to Willliam's disapointment he found that Mator and McQueen were not real! He was so sad, he thought that they were going to talk and drive around. I felt sooo bad for him. Reagan and Alex looked cool with the cars but poor Will just couldnt find his smile...

To cheer him up we went off to ride William's Faveorite ride "The Rocket" (again) and just as we were getting off I spotted Slpeeping beauty so we ran after to meet her. Reagan was so excited she was bouncing. When Princess Aurora finally turned to us Reagan got shy. But she got down to her level and had a little chat and then posed for the picture!

We went back to the hotel to meet up with Bob about 2:00 When I told him how devestated Will was about the Cars, he talked him into going and seeing him again and at least smiling for a picture so we can put it in his room. Sometimes Daddies know just what to do...

The rest of the day we spent in California adventure...

Then we went on the last ride before we got our seats for "World of Color" the giant ferris wheel on Paradise pier. Everone loved it except Alex. She went on Tower of Terror twice, the California Screamer, and the Haunted Mansion with barley a shudder, but this ride freaked her out. Will and Reagan Love to tell how Alex got scared on this ride but they were fine.

The world of Color show was amazing!! If you have the chance to see this show it is a MUST SEE... Blogger wont let me upload the video but Google it. It is very worth the time!

After the show it was a mad house trying to get back to the shuttles to take us to the hotel. We were only a mile away, so we figured we could walk it faster then waiting. The kiddos grumbled a bit, and we piggy backed for a little, but we made it to the hotel at the exact time the shuttle pulled up!We didnt save any time but we got some excersie in and wore the kids out even more!